Small Businesses

This option is best suited for smaller businesses dealing directly with individual clients or small groups.

Because of the need for some businesses to keep the system as simple as possible, small transactions will involve the Reduce My Fooprint unit, a mix of offset programmes with other economic and social benefits carefully selected by the Reduce my Footprint Supervisory Board. This unit consists of

  • 50% CERs, More Info Button
  • 30% Travel Foundation More Info Button
  • 20% VERs

You can either use this site for contributions from individual customers / small groups or simply direct your customers to the site.  When you use the site in future, either you or your customers can simply

  • click on the Click to Offset Now button, on the Home Page
  • enter the details of the transaction and purchase the offset.

If you wish to make a contribution now, click the Click to Offset Now button on the right.

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